Strangelove Sideshow Spectacular

Strangelove Sideshow Spectacular

Come one, come all…

If you are looking for family friendly (or not), whimsical (or freaky), majestically awkward, and high energy entertainment, look no further than the Strangelove Sideshow Spectacular.

Reminiscent of classic 10-in-1 circus sideshow, Krystal Younglove brings you a squeamish inducing delight. From bone shattering animal traps, walking on glass, eating fire, invulnerability to the bed of nails, feats of strength, and hammering nails into her head… she certainly made a career out of all the things your mama told you not to do for fun edgy entertainment!

Circus Sideshow Krystal Younglove Human Blockhead
Krystal Younglove performs Blockhead

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