About Krystal Younglove

About Krystal Younglove

Captured by Melinda Matlack

Krystal Younglove: The Indestructible Lady, the Damsel of Danger, the Mademoiselle of Mayhem, The Travelling Showgirl. Stilt Walker – so tall! Fire Dancer – so hot! Aerialist – so fly! Hula Hooper – so circular?

Krystal began performing early in life, attending Bullard TALENT School for the Performing Arts. Learning to build stage sets, acting, singing, and dancing.

After graduation she delved into the circus arts with fire dancing: poi, fire fans, and hula hoops. Next she tackled Circus and Side Show; becoming a Sideshow Fairy and the Indestructible Lady for a local circus troupe in California. After moving to the East Coast, Krystal decided to get up close and interactive with her skills and turned to stilt walking to add to her ever-growing set of unusual talents.

Krystal has a slightly goofy, mostly whimsical, definitely absurd take on performances. She is a National Act, having performed on the west coast, up and down the east coast, and in the south.

York: Crafted

Recently, I was invited to present for York: Crafted, Volume 13, for the first time. York crafted is a Pecha Kucha 20×20 slide presentation. You can see my presentation here, Krystal 101. With Pictures!