Aerial Fitness Classes

Aerial Fitness Classes

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**Please note: Classes have temporarily reduced occupancy. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Want to know more about Lyra?

Lyra is an aerial apparatus, also known as Aerial Hoop, that is suspended from industrial grade rigging attached to a reinforced ceiling. Aerial fitness is an airborne fitness that utilizes your body, dance, yoga, and other practices.

These classes are made for you as you are. The most frequent comment I get is “I can’t do pull ups.” As a beginner, you don’t need to. My class is designed to get students of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels started in Aerials. As you continue coming to class, increasing your strength and flexibility, your ability to do different poses and moves also increases.

Aerials is like any other fitness class, you’ll start with something manageable and develop as you go. You might take this class, and decide it’s not for you, and that’s ok. Try a class to find out.
Don’t sell yourself short, you can do this too.

How to sign up for classes

Classes are held at Stellar Fitness in York, Pa.
To sign up for any aerial class, please download the Stellar Fitness app from your app store, or log in through the Stellar Fitness website.
Stellar Fitness is located at:
50 N. Northern Way, York, PA 17402

I am currently accepting 5 students per class, please be aware classes fill quickly and your first choice for day and time may not be available. We do our best to work with everyone, please email Tia if you have any questions about getting scheduled.

Class Times

Wensdays – Aerial Hoop 1/2
Thursdays – Intro to Aerial Hoop Series*
Thursdays – Aerial Hoop 1/2
7:30 pm
6:00 pm
7:30 pm
*Intro to Aerial Hoop Series is a series of 3 classes. Be sure to check Stellar Fitness for the next available dates

​Class Pricing

Drop-in Class
Private Class
Intro Series
Class Packages
$65 email for availability
$50 for 3 classes
$ Pricing available on Stellar Fitness App

What to expect in Class

– Arrive 10 minutes early to give you extra time to change and use the bathroom before class. You are not permitted to join class more than 10 minutes after class starts. This is for your safety. Warm-ups are important!
– Wear comfortable workout clothing, a fitted shirt and leggings works great. 
– Bring a water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated during class.
– Pictures and videos are great, we support showing off your progress. Remember to Tag our session! 
Tag @krystalyounglove @stellarfitness1 and/or use #ladyyounglove #stellarfitness in all your social media.

*If you decide to share videos, please remove sound or dub it with music.

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Stellar Fitness is located at:
50 N. Northern Way, York, PA 17402